Petite Patisserie – Valery Collection N.1

Product Description

The Valery’s campers are its beautiful pastry with many details.

The package includes 3 characters:

  1. Valery (12 cm. high);
  2. Mr. Bon Bon;
  3. The Sweet Lady.

There are 10 beautiful cakes to be assembled and a great pastry campers, with all its furnishings  and 2 tables.

When the cakes are ready, you can put them on the tables and then play with the characters.

You can sell the cakes from the camper or in the garden from the tables.

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Product Details

Valery: Petite Patisserie

made in Italy

Material: ecological cardboard


Height : 20 cm

Length : 35 cm

Width : 16 cm


Recommended for ages 4 years +

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